Managed Security

End-to-end cyber security management

The Longwall Total Managed Security solution is an end-to-end managed service that gives you the confidence to focus on what you do best. As a Longwall partner you’ll gain a strong and confident ally in your fight to mitigate the risks that operating in a digital world brings with it. Using our experience, expertise and technology we’ll take the strain out of maintaining a consistent and resilient cyber security posture.

Complete managed service
Establish a complete Cyber Resilience programme

As a Longwall Total Managed Security partner you’ll have access to our complete range of managed security services. We’ll assess your environment and your unique risk profile to design a service that covers all aspects of a cutting-edge response to cyber threat.

Strategy & advice

Gain a strategic partner

As the world around us changes and new threats emerge and evolve, the need to adapt grows stronger. Our senior security strategists are there to monitor the threats to your business and help you to respond with strength.

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Capacity & capability

Extend & augment your team

We know that the main challenges security teams face are capacity and skills related. That’s why we invest in our team of exceptional security professionals, and bring them to you. 

Named expert

A security expert who’ll be there for guidance or support, whenever you need them.


Our senior strategists will work with you to engineer your security roadmap.


Security experts who’ll monitor your environment around the clock.


Specialists in best practice solution implementation.


A development team who specialise in the rapid integration of security controls..

Address critical cyber security challenges

Strategic clarity

Security teams are often overwhelmed by the day to day so struggle to find space to plan strategically or react to emerging threats.

Access to skills

Building and maintaining a team of security experts is a challenge for even the largest organisations due to skill shortages and exorbitant costs.

Controlling costs

Plugging gaps with software solutions leads to maxed-out  security budgets without a corresponding return on investment.

Cutting edge technology

Integrated Security Operations Platform

Our security operations platform turns ingesting and processing intimidating volumes of data into a superpower. By normalising the data for dynamic correlation and analysis, we can turn the noise into the basis for intelligent automation, forensic analysis and incident response.
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